WorLd Processor®

Whatif Productions LLC has invented the first WorLd Processor®. The WorLd Processor® is a software platform that generates uniquely capable rich-media content from digital information much as word processors now produce textual documents. The reconfigurable WorLd Processor® takes advantage of an innovative architecture that supports specialization to meet the requirements of any industry employing digital content and any hardware called upon for playback (Dors®).

The WorLd Processor® is a uniquely complete and scalable solution for the creation and secure distribution of digital content. It seamlessly prepares every piece of content as a Digital Commodity, makes possible levels of interactivity never before seen, displays graphical effects in real time that challenge the best graphics engines, and provides a user friendly development platform where the control is in the creative developer’s hands and secure distribution can be as simple as clicking an option.